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(199) is a platform created to share love among its members. Considered to be more than just a casual dating platform, this platform is also classified as a social media website, so besides the fact that the members' date, they also mingle, chat and form a supportive and active community.

Several users of this website come from the UK, Australia, US, and other English-speaking countries. It also boasts of a huge following from Germany, several European and Asian countries. Many people who registered on this site are ready to mingle and are not in any committed relationship. Although the platform advocates casual dating and flirting, the truth is that majority are in search of a date, one-time things, or even friendship.


On gayasianmale platform, the basic criteria are; age, gender, photo, availability, etc. However, extended searches can be done by using more specialized conditions. You can create a profile video to make you unique and separate yourself from other users. Also, you can chat privately with other members. This platform is designed with an instant messenger system that offers features that include: the ability to see if your contacts are online or not.

Other features include; the option to set yourself to be invisible as well as setting your status to be “off-line”. You can also see real-time updates that make you see when your contact is sending you a message.


GayBlackMen features models that stream directly to you live from their studios and homes around the world. This includes sex shows, online strip shows, and others. When you open the site, you will have the chance to go through the sexy pictures of different models. The site has several categories which include; Alternative, Athletic, Asian, Bisexual, Black, College, etc.

Another exciting feature of this site is that you are allowed to create a free account and participate in a contest. The site boasts of models from different parts of the world which include; the US, South American countries, Asia, and a host of others.


This dating platform can be categorized as the Lesbian/Gay Dating site. This site enables you to meet several members who just want to hookup straightaway. However, if you are considering long-term marriage or commitment, this is probably not the ideal platform for you.

The process of registering on this dating site is simple and straightforward. The amount of information required for this registration is pretty minimal. Registration shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. This site also has features such as video or voice chat etc. Additionally, you can see anyone who is online or not and it is incredibly easy to find out.

(149) cam site comes with some features which include; Gold shows, Search features, Email, Most Recent Shows, and Favorites, etc. The site enables you to navigate easily and find cam models that suit your preferences by simply using tags. Also, subscribing to the lifetime live sex cams enable you to chat with models from different parts of the world.

Another method provided by the website enables you to keep track of these models. Simply add them to your favorite list and chat with them at your convenience. Another plus is that this website can be translated into more than 13 languages thereby making it accessible for millions of users across the world.

(137) cam site comes with exciting features such as; zoom, private sessions, 25-plus categories, and advanced search, translation, save favorites, support, and a host of others. It offers a free lifetime membership which enables you to communicate with all the models. It also gives you the ability to select which metrics you are looking for.

Another amazing fact is that this platform is available in more than 13 languages. You can save your favorites and chat with them at your convenience. Looking for any model is not an issue as this site boasts of having numerous live webcam models for all categories such as porn stars, milf, webcam models, etc.


GayCamChat features cam site models who communicate with you directly from their studios and homes from different parts of the world. This features several activities such as sex shows, strip shows, etc. This site can be translated into several languages thereby making it suitable for people from different backgrounds.

You can find models with different physical structures and appearances. There are multiple categories to explore on this site which include; Asian, Anal play, Ebony, Curvy, College girls, Brunette, Bondage, Blonde, Big tits, Big butt, Babes, BBW, Group-sex, Granny, White girls, Pornstars, etc. Another plus is that you get 10 free tokens by creating a free account.


Gay Cams comes with several features such as; Private Sessions, Zoom, 25-plus categories, advanced search, Translation, Save Favorites, and support. The site allows you to re-adjust the viewing screen to view the models better.

It comes with 25-plus categories such as; porn stars, milf, and other live webcam models. Getting the lifetime membership enables you to save your favorites so that you can engage them in conversation at your convenience. Also, you can engage with all the models and not just some selected ones. This shows the high level of transparency offered by this platform as it makes everything very clear.


This platform features Gold shows, Email, Most Recent Shows, Favorites, and Search Features, etc. These gold shows enable you to get full access to the show which runs for at most 7 minutes. Also, it features live sex cams membership to give you access to chat and message models from different parts of the world. At present, there are more than 230,000 cam models registered.

Another plus is that you can add any of your favorite cam models and keep track of them. Note that there is no limit to the number of models you can add to this list.


This platform has its app which enables you to chat with a plethora of models. This website has a simple design that is easy to navigate. The exciting thing about this platform is diversity as you can chat with models with different backgrounds and ethnicity. They have photos of different men based on their race, body type, age, etc.

You have to answer a series of questions before you are allowed to have full access to this site. These questions will determine if you would have further access to the site or not.


Gaychatrooms offer several categories such as; Daddy, Couples, College, Black, Bisexual, Big Cock, BDSM, Athletic, Asian, Alternative, etc. The site also features Zoom, private sessions, 25-plus categories, Advanced Search, Translation, Save Favorites, and Support etc.

The beauty of this platform is that you have can translate to more than 13 languages thereby providing more access to the models and platform features. You can search for any model of your choice. Instance a Model (18 – 21 years) in Russia with blonde hair. Register for a free account to enjoy the basic feature of the site.


Gaydudes has different categories which include; Uncut, twinks, straight, muscle, mature, Latino, guy next door, gay, daddy, couples, college, black, bisexual, and a host of others. This platform boasts of several models from different backgrounds and ethnicity.

Chatting with these models online is possible as all you need to do is to open a free account and enjoy the basic package. Translation to other languages is easy too. The different languages include; Italian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, etc. Navigating to the right side of the platform, it will show you how to contact their customer support.


This platform offers a plethora of amazing features ranging from private sessions, translation, save favorites, support, and a host of others. The website can be translated into more than 10 languages to cover the majority of the countries in the world.

The models on this platform are of different backgrounds, ages, ethnicity, etc. They are either amateur or professional. By using the advanced search, they offer you the ability to select the metrics you want to look for individually. Also, you can save any of your favorite models and engage them in conversation at your convenience.


This website is safe to use. By visiting the site, you will see a plethora of male models waiting to start a conversation with you. Registering on the platform on a full package gives you access to all the models to have a nice time.

Additionally, it features a support system to report any complaints to the customer care support team. The site can easily be translated into several languages to accommodate users from those countries and regions. The models feature amateur, professional, huge muscular bodies, etc.


Looking to chat with cam guys from different backgrounds and features? This is the right place. The sections include couples, bisexuals, big cock, daddy, mature, Latino, muscle, etc. There is absolutely no model feature that isn’t covered on this website.

Another amazing feature is the free account. The free account allows you to enjoy the basic feature of this website. Also, this website has live chat support, email, and phone number in which the user can contact the customer care support team to report any complaints or clarify issues.


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